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Five Cities Five Band

Five Cities Five Band is comprised of five talented individuals from varying backgrounds this group can play a spectrum of music. Doug Shelton the horn player/ vocals grew up in Chicago and moved to the area in 1982. There he hooked up with Steve Scudder, one of the guitar players in the band, to form a group called Stolen Moments. They have been playing music together ever since. Doug is an MD at Atascadero State Hospital .He also worked at CMC as a physician.He currently is performing with Generation Gap. Steve moved from Southern California in the early 80 s to continue his teaching career.He’s currently in two other bands, Janes Gang and Two for the Road. John Messer ,the other guitar player, is another transplant from Southern California. While practicing law on the Central Coast, John managed to graduate from GIT to branch out his musical interests. He’s played with several bands on the Central Coast. The drummer in the group Gary Liwanag is local to the Five Cities. He has performed in the AG high band, Cal Poly Jazz Band and a local band called Lone Star.He is currently playing with Doug in Generation Gap. The last member of the band ,Andy Garrett moved from the Bakersfield area in the early 90 s . Andy has played bass in a number of funk, rock and R&B bands in the Santa Barbara area, in addition to the Valley. After fifteen years of being together, each member still adds their own unique blend of jazz, funk, R&B and country to the groups song list ( over 150).

Five Cities Five has played at the Branch Street Deli on the last day of school for over 15 years. Let’s keep that tradition going!